Hannibal Carbide Tool

Hannibal Carbide Tool is ISO 9001 Registered certifying they have implemented and maintained a Quality System for the scope of design and manufacture of carbide tipped and solid carbide cutting tools. Hannibal prides itself on the ability to solve end user tooling problems and will suggest solutions including tool designs that have been used successfully to solve similar problems. The proven applications engineering capability is reflected in the fact that some of the largest machine tool builders select HANNIBAL to design and produce the original cutting tools used in producing engines, transmissions, and more.

While price is always a consideration, the real measure of the tool's value is its in-plant performance. HANNIBAL'S tool performance is proven where accurate records are kept, such as the aerospace and automotive industries. Here our tools earn "excellent" ratings...and that is why we are one of the fastest growing tool companies in the world!

We are working to add the complete line of tooling is available online for purchase (contact us for more details). Click on the following links to find the following:

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