International Minicut     Minicut End Mills

3 Flute Minicut Roughers for Aluminum 
M42 Cobalt
Unpolished Flutes

Series 930  -  Uncoated
Series 930-TC  -  TiCN Coated
M42 Cobalt
Polished Flutes

Series 930P  -  Uncoated
Series 930P-TC  -  TiCN Coated

PM Super Cobalt

Series 930PM  -  Uncoated
Series 930PM-TC  -  TiCN Coated
PM Super Cobalt
With Directional Coolant Holes

Series RPM  -  Uncoated
Series RPM  -  TiCN Coated

Minicut Roughing Face and Shell Mills for Aluminum
M42 Cobalt
Integral Shank - Face Mill

Series 940P  -  Uncoated
Series 940P-TC  -  TiCN Coated
M42 Cobalt
Shell Mill

Series 950P  -  Uncoated
Series 950P-TC  -  TiCN Coated

4 & 6 Flute Minicut Roughers 

Series 985 and 995 are both made from high performing Stellar One Alloy
For Inconel, Stainless and High Tensile Steels - 30 Helix
Series 985  -  Uncoated
Series 985-TC  -  TiCN Coated
Series 985-TA  -  TiAlN Coated
For Titanium Alloys
35 Helix

Series 995  -  Uncoated
Series 995-TC  -  TiCN Coated
Series 995-TA  -  TiAlN Coated - Quality Cutting Tools For Less!

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